A new word in interior design! Its hard to call them paper hangings in the common understanding of the word. They are not made from paper, nor they are made from vinyl and they sure don't need glue!

They don't tear and scratch and during gluing no bubbles appear! Its a real pleasure to glue them: nothing is stained in glue and they are easy to reglue if something doesn't go as planned. 


And still...they are paper hangings. Self-adhesive. Textile. Photo wallpapers. 


Even more advantages of our textile wallpapers:

  • bright, lasting colours
  • "photo" quality print
  • image of your choice
  • washable
  • no bubbles appear during gluing, since the material "breaths". YOUR WALLS WILL BREATHE! 
  • can be glued to a variety of surfaces
  • compliant with fire safety certificate B1


Material: 100% polyester, 360 g/m2

Maximum width of one sheet: 98 cm

Price shown for 1 running metre



Where to find inspiration and a suitable image?


  • in the world around you
  • on the Internet
  • ShutterStock.com (12€)
  • come visit our office


More pictures available at our FACEBOOK gallery



25.00€ (20.66+pvn)