A lighted frame (or a photo painting) - is a fusion of tradition and modern technology. As usual, we offer you to choose any image: we will find a nice frame for it and we won't stop there...

Modern technologies and the creative approach and proficiency of our masters will give new colours to your painting and grant you new impressions.  

Painting size: in line with your choice and our capabilities 
Painting side elevation: 2-4 cm

Side refinement:

  • colour of your choice
  • continuation of your photo

The price includes:

  • Your photo print on BACKLIST Canvas material
  • Frame production with a wooden subframe
  • Inner LED lighting
  • Power adapter
  • production time 3-5 business days

The price shown includes PVN and depends on the painting size and work complexity:

  • 20x20 cm - 35 €
  • 30x30 cm - 42 €
  • 40x40 cm - 50 €
  • 20x30 cm - 39 €
  • 30x40 cm - 46 €
  • 40x60 cm - 85 €
  • 60x80 cm - 120 €
  • other sizes are also available, as well as individual non-standard solutions 

You can place your order online by sending your image to dizains@alitana.lv or personally visiting our office.


More pictures at our FACEBOOK gallery.


35.00€ (28.93+pvn)