Eco WOODEN Light Box

An ecological, original and stylish solution for your office or lounge.

Eco Wooden Light Box is made from eco-friendy materials with a 3D script and LED lighting. Several variations are available, since we offer individual approach to every customer. 

  • Size: 50x30x9 cm / 80 €
  • Size: 80x40x9 cm / 120 €
  • Size: 110x40x9 cm / 140 €
  • Size: 120x40x9 cm / 150 €

All prices shown include PVN

  • Material: wood, plastic
  • Lighting: LED
  • Power adapter cable length: as per your choice


The price includes:

  • 3D script of your choice
  • Wooden light box production 
  • Power adapter and a cable


More pictures available at our FACEBOOK gallery


80.00€ (66.12+pvn)