With a calendar like this, every day will be a holiday! 

Wall calendars with a picture of your choice on Canvas Premium fabric.

Canvas Premium is an elite textile, 70% of which is composed of natural linen. Every page of this calendar is a thick fabric with the highes printing quality and a texture that is pleasant to the touch. Images chosen with taste will look like artworks in this calendar. Its a rare occurrence, when you will not want to throw out a calendar at the end of the year!

Paper calendars are simply not competitive with our Canvas Calendars. 

They possess a unique, incomparable look and Premium quality. 

You can choose the pictures and the mood for the whole year by yourself. 

Great ideas for a calendar:


  • travels
  • happiest family moments
  • holidays
  • photo art
  • art reproduction
  • your own artworks

Different calendar sizes and formats available on demand. 

Canvas Calendar - the most pleasant investment in the Good Mood Bank! 

Don't count money, count days! With joy, whole year round! 


50.00€ (41.32+pvn)