She can say a lot. She can show a lot. She is the face of your organisation on any event, and a respectable face at that. She is the PressWall. Press-Walls are an important element of many events. Exhibitions, press-conferences, corporate and other celebrations, weddings, sport competitions and many other enents – the PressWall fits them all! Fast to setup and fast to tear down, easy to transport and convenient to store. A perfect background for your photo sessions!

PressWall 2x2m
210.00€ (173.55 +pvn)
PressWall 2,5x2,5m
235.00€ (194.21 +pvn)
PressWall 3x2m
270.00€ (223.14 +pvn)
PressWall 3x2,5m
308.00€ (254.55 +pvn)
PressWall 4x2m
317.00€ (261.98 +pvn)
PressWall 3x3m
335.00€ (276.86 +pvn)
PressWall 3,5x2,5m
350.00€ (289.26 +pvn)
PressWall 4x2,5m
373.00€ (308.26 +pvn)
PressWall 4,5x2,5m
416.00€ (343.80 +pvn)
PressWall 4x3m
440.00€ (363.64 +pvn)
PressWall 5x3m
524.00€ (433.06 +pvn)
PressWall 6x3m
629.00€ (519.83 +pvn)