This important section is intended for advertising agencies and advertisement producers.

We offer a collaboration which may be of interest both to you and to us :)

You will be able to acquire our products at especially beneficial prices, receive individual and responsible attention, order complex (non-standard) work and other creative solutions, as well as (of course!) our well-intending smiles and good fellowship.

In our inventory you will find:


  • all possible mobile display stand types (with or without prints),
  • Press Walls - from the structure up to the completed product with a print, delivery, setup and tear down,
  • all types of flags - state flags, corporate flags, table, street, small and big, as well as different types of accessories,
  • beach flag sizes from XS to XL, with a print or only the structure, accessories,
  • as well as other important products for advertising. :)

It is extremely easy to become our partner. Write us an e-mail or call our office to arrange a meeting to discuss everything in more detail.