Sandblasting stickers


Semi-transparent stickers with sandblasting treatment.



A modern solution for glass decoration.

It looks wonderful on:


  • Glass partition walls at home or in the office
  • Windows and glass doors
  • And even on mirrors and other interior glass objects.


We manufacture stickers of all shapes and sizes - from squares to complex symbols.

It is also possible to print a image of your choosing in a "photo" quality.


Select your desired sandblasting treatment:


  • Frost – a light frost effect
  • Deep Frost – with frost effect
  • Dust – a sandblasting effect
  • Ice – white tone sandblasting effect
  • Frosted Glass Cast SILVER - with silver frost effect
  • Frosted Glass Cast GOLD - with gold frost effect.


We offer a possibility to mount the stickers at your chosen place or at our office.


Prices are calculated individually and depends on the film type, size and complexity of the order.

More photos at our FACEBOOK gallery.

Where to find inspiration and a suitable image?


18.00€ (14.88+pvn)