PressWall 6x3m

Collapsible PressWall 6x3m

with printing on PVC Blockout - a special material with nontransparent layer.

  • frame size 600x300 cm
  • frame height (with supports) 310 cm
  • banner size: 590x287 cm - in case if supported by clamps
  • banner size: 593x297 cm - in case if supported by tunnels
  • easy to fold and transport
  • setup with tools

The set includes:

  • Collapsible PressWall 6x3m
  • PVC Blockout banner with a print
  • clamps
  • supports
  • allen key

Extra Option:

  • Bag for comfortable transportation / 85 €


More pictures available at our FACEBOOK album


505.00€ (417.36+pvn)