Away with the mundane and boring! 

A fantastically beautiful and a very unusual light for your house!

Alitana night lamp is a contemporary work of art made by our masters. Made on order and solely for you! 

During the day its a beautiful painting in a wooden frame - Eco-style!

But during the dark winter evenings it will radiate comfort, lighten up your mood and surprise your guests.

  • Picture – your choice, from abstract art or a reproduction to your own photo; 
  • Print quality - excellent;
  • Material – natural wood and special fabric Backlit Canvas;
  • Lighting – modern LED technology;
  • Size and other details – negotiated with you in order to fulfill your expectations.

Lamp size: according to your wishes and our capabilities.

  • 30x30 cm - 65 €
  • 35x35 cm - 75 €
  • 40x40 cm - 80 €

Prices are shown with PVN included

Where to find a suitable image and inspiration:

  • ShutterStock.com - the largest professional image archive. (12)
  • The world around you
  • Come visit our office


The price includes:


  • Night lamp with an image of your choice printed in a special Backlit Canvas material 
  • Power adapter with a cable and a switch 


More pictures are available at our FACEBOOK gallery


65.00€ (53.72+pvn)