Embrace+ LED Counter

Double-sided collapsible counter with aluminium frame for dressing with visual textile. Backlit graphics boost your brand messaging. 

  • LED back lighting kits can be attached on to the scissors to illuminate the front.

  • This system comes with the appropriate channel bars for a double sided display

  • Tool-free

  • Angled channel bars so that there are minimal shadows

  • Wheelded transport bag includes an additional bag containing the LED curtain, the framing and the transformer

  • Material - Aluminium, plastic, metal locking arms, MDF tabletop
  • Assembly - Plastic frame
  • Collapsible - Yes
  • Counter top - White
  • Graphic attachment - Silicone Edged Gasket (SEG)
  • Accessories - LED lighting (included)


Hardware Dimensions (mm) - 1022 (h) x 1040 (w) x 400 (d)

Weight - 11 kg



Price with graphics – 671 € (Incl. VAT)

Additional graphics price – 99 € (Incl. VAT)


0.00€ (0.00+pvn)