FloorWindo and DeskWindo advertising solutions help to increase demand by providing the customers with necessary information on your goods and services right on the floor or on desks.


A unique ultra-thin poster display for floor placement. Made from high-quality impact-resistant slip-proof material. Easy to place where they are needed the most. These reusable advertising messages take only a couple of seconds to replace. Scratch-resistant and slip-proof surface. NFSI certified and ADA compliant. 


Ultra-thing poster display for desk placement. A perfect opportunity to supply the customer with necessary information right before the cash desk. Available in two forms - DeskWindo PC with information inserted from above and DeskWindo PP with side insertion. Both designs are made from slip-proof and water-resistant materials which are approved by the catering industry. 

DescWindo PC A4 (210x297mm)
19.00€ (15.70 +pvn)
DescWindo PC A3 (297x420mm)
27.00€ (22.31 +pvn)
DescWindo PP A4 (210x297mm)
19.00€ (15.70 +pvn)
DescWindo PP A3 (297x420mm)
27.00€ (22.31 +pvn)
FloorWindo 4xA4 (297x841mm)
114.00€ (94.21 +pvn)
FloorWindo A1 (594x841mm)
175.00€ (144.63 +pvn)
FloorWindo B1 (700x1000mm)
235.00€ (194.21 +pvn)
FloorWindo A0 (841x1189mm)
302.00€ (249.59 +pvn)