Stylish, mobile and modern! POP-Up series are THE mobile banner stands. In stowed position, they fit a compact box, which can serve as an exhibition stand. When properly set up, these stands will attract everyone’s attention. The prices that you see include everything required for your successful presentation. Mobile POP-Up banner stands are a real winner!

Uzstādīt Pop-Up stendu ir ļoti viegli!


Pop-Up stand 3x2 CURVED
825.00€ (681.82 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x3 CURVED
950.00€ (785.12 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x4 CURVED
1095.00€ (904.96 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x5 CURVED
1170.00€ (966.94 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x2 STRAIGHT
870.00€ (719.01 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x3 STRAIGHT
990.00€ (818.18 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x4 STRAIGHT
1140.00€ (942.15 +pvn)
Pop-Up stand 3x5 STRAIGHT
1220.00€ (1008.26 +pvn)