CLASSIC Roll-Up mobile banner stands are a success! As well as speed, convenience, quality, quality and quality… Light and durable aluminium structure and fantastic print quality on a special material! We will rapidly produce the displays of different sizes, produce a mockup and even deliver the product. The setup on any event takes but a minute, after which your advertising immediately kicks in.

CLASSIC Roll-Up 60x180cm
65.00€ (53.72 +pvn)
Classic Roll-Up 85x200
75.00€ (61.98 +pvn)
CLASSIC Roll-Up 100x200cm
90.00€ (74.38 +pvn)
CLASSIC Roll-Up 120x200cm
115.00€ (95.04 +pvn)
CLASSIC Roll-Up 150x200cm
139.00€ (114.88 +pvn)