Drawings that glow and float in the air - isn't that a fantasy? Its a reality now. A real beauty available to everyone!

Draw your masterpiece on a LED board with your new crayon markers. A new drawing every day! The photos will show the futurism and beauty of this product better than any words.

  • Made from high quality plexiglas
  • base made from aluminium
  • LED lighting
  • Power adapter included
  • Packaging - cardboard box 

Best suited for writing and drawing with crayon markers, information is easy to clean with a damp tissue.




Available sizes and prices:


  • A5 (210x148 mm) - 25 € (horizontal)
  • A4 (210x297 mm) - 35 € (vertical)
  • A3 (297x420 mm) - 50 € (vertical)
  • A2 (594x420 mm) - 85 € (horizontal)

All prices shown include PVN.



25.00€ (20.66+pvn)

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