The advantages of an aluminium collapsible flagpole: 


  • Flagpoles look very stylish and attractive.
  • Flagpoles are collapsible and light - they are easy to transport and to set up; transportation fees are lower 
  • Aluminium flagpoles are lighter compared to fiberglass flagpoles, which also means higher structural resilience. 
  • Aluminium is a metal that conducts electricity well, which means that it will protect your house from lightning strikes. 
  • Anodized aluminium is not affected by corrosion and the flagpoles serve long.
  • Flagpoles are made from 6063 T66 aluminium. It is a highly resilient aluminium alloy which contains magnesium and silicon. 
  • The flagpole does not break, but bend in the wind, which ensures additional safety.
  • Aluminium is a fireproof material and is not influenced by temperature fluctuations. 
  • Aluminium is an eco-friendly material. An old flagpole can be easily sold and processed. 

If only everything would be so compact!

Save on delivery! 

The flagpoles are comprised of 2 to 4 stages, package size from 3,6 to 4,8m depending on the flagpole length. You can deliver a purchase like this to the destination by car on your own. 

Place the flagpole yourself - it will not only save you money, but also allow you to fully immerse yourself in the process. 

Highest quality

All the interconnections and parts are made in such a way that they require the lowest amount of extra effort and noise possible. These flagpoles possess all the benefits of a collapsible flagpole, but their structure is strong and their appearance - a mighty monolith. 

Setup - easy!

Dig a hole, pour rubble and concrete. Level the base with a carpenter's level. Wait a day. Attach the flagpole to the base with a special loop and raise the flagpole with your own hands! 

Or contact us and our professional specialist will arrive and do all the necessary work. 


You can find photos of ALUMINIUM flagpoles at our FACEBOOK gallery